Do you have trouble speaking ?

Have you ever experienced trouble during your speaking?

I do speak 3 languages and I do speak a lot, but sometimes I feel I can’t talk I can’t speak, like my brain is working and my tongue is not reacting in the correct way.

I was reading online that can happen, and is not a brain condition, my sensation is like my jaw can’t move and I can’t speak. And you maybe you would like to share with me your experience maybe I’m not the only person with AS having this!

I questioned myself, can be stress, because this do not happen everyday, but quite often when I’m nervous or concerning about something is going on in my life.

My solution is, apply yoga breathing and trying to relax, and you ? What do you do ? Other of my concerning is can this be also caused from using some medication? Should I change something in my diet? Should I change my routine? What should I do to feel better?

The sensation I have is feeling trapped !

Let me hear from you and your experience!

Talk to you soon …..


  1. Roe Gabriel · October 11, 2020

    I find that AS comes with all kinds of weird consequences. I definitely have trouble speaking sometimes. I use vagus nerve breathing. It focuses on the outbreath. And it switches off the fight flight of the brain and brings back the rest digest. You can workout you vagus nerve every day so that it’s easier to switch off the rubber tongue and brain to mouth disconnect.

  2. Adriana Carluccio · October 11, 2020

    Thanks for your comment I hope can be helpful for the followers. Feel free to add more !

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