Have you ever found yourself struggling to speak?

Have you ever found yourself struggling to speak? As someone who speaks three languages and communicates frequently, I sometimes experience difficulty expressing myself. It’s as if my brain is working, but my tongue isn’t cooperating.

After some research, I’ve learned that this is not a brain condition, but rather a common phenomenon. Sometimes, when I’m feeling nervous or worried about something in my life, I feel like my jaw is stuck, and I cannot speak properly. As an AS patient, I wonder if others have experienced the same issue.

I’ve found that practicing yoga breathing techniques helps me to relax and regain control of my speech. However, I’m curious to know if others have discovered any other helpful solutions. Could this difficulty in speaking be caused by certain medications or dietary habits? Perhaps changing my routine would improve the situation.

It’s a frustrating feeling to be trapped within my own body, unable to express myself as I would like. I would love to hear from others who have had similar experiences and learn how they have overcome this challenge.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with me. Let’s help each other find ways to communicate more effectively and comfortably.


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  1. I find that AS comes with all kinds of weird consequences. I definitely have trouble speaking sometimes. I use vagus nerve breathing. It focuses on the outbreath. And it switches off the fight flight of the brain and brings back the rest digest. You can workout you vagus nerve every day so that it’s easier to switch off the rubber tongue and brain to mouth disconnect.

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  2. Thanks for your comment I hope can be helpful for the followers. Feel free to add more !

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