Prioritizing Exercise and Sun Exposure for Health

I recently shared a photo of myself on Facebook, but this post isn’t about the picture itself. Rather, it’s about the importance of staying active and flexible, no matter where you live or what resources you have available.

Living in southern Italy, I’m fortunate to have access to plenty of sunny days. I try to take advantage of this by spending time outside and getting my daily dose of vitamin D. Even during the winter, I try to find at least 30 minutes in my day to catch some sun, even if it means stepping out onto my small balcony.

For me, exercise is also a crucial part of staying healthy. While I’m lucky to live just a few minutes from the seaside and can exercise in the water for most of the year, I know that not everyone has access to these kinds of resources. That’s why I encourage everyone to find ways to stay active, even if it means exercising indoors or going for a walk outside.

Personally, I’ve stopped going to the gym for a variety of reasons, but my husband and I still find ways to exercise together. Whether it’s through a home workout or a jog around the neighborhood, it’s always more fun to exercise with a partner or friend.

So, I want to encourage you to make exercise and sun exposure a priority in your life, no matter where you live or what resources you have available. Even just a little bit of movement and sunlight can go a long way in keeping you healthy and happy.

Whether you’re exercising solo or with a partner, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Share your feedback with me, and let’s continue to support each other in living our best lives.

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