Fit For Travel

When searching for information on traveling with rheumatic diseases, many articles appear on Google, including “Fit For Travel”. I was excited to finally find a guide with tips for people with RMDs. However, under the RMD section on the page, I only found the following information:

“Ask your doctor whether the climate to be expected in your destination might cause a new onset of your illness. One of the medications used for rheumatism (primarily chronic polyarthritis) is Chloroquine. An adjustment in the dosage of this familiar medication might be necessary to provide efficacious protection from malaria. When traveling to malaria zones, where the resistance situation of the parasites and the infection pressure indicate a malaria prophylaxis with Mefloquine, the Mefloquine must not be combined with your Chloroquine medication. The combination of Chloroquine and Proguanil is highly effective and easily tolerated.”

While this information is not bad, it’s not exactly what I was looking for. Day by day, I think I will have to create my own guide. On a positive note, I recently had a great trip to Stockholm!

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