HOW TO TRAVEL WITH ARTHRITIS Tips for who live in USA… What about European?



During my recent online search, I stumbled upon the SATH website, which stands for the Society of Accessible Travel & Hospitality, a non-profit organization in the USA. I came across a chapter dedicated to people with arthritis, and I would like to share it with you. I hope this can be of help to you.

The chapter provides information on how to travel with arthritis. People who suffer from arthritis may have different symptoms, such as pain and inflammation in specific areas or a need to use a wheelchair or a scooter. However, anyone with arthritis can travel, as long as they plan their trip carefully.

It is essential to find a travel agent who understands your condition and can make all the necessary arrangements. They can offer professional help at a minimal cost. When choosing a vacation destination, make sure the hotel is accessible, even if you don’t use a wheelchair, and has a suitable environment.

If you plan to take excursions, make sure there is transportation available with lifts or ramps if you use a wheelchair. When it comes to air travel, try to book a nonstop or direct flight to avoid stress and physical fatigue. If you need a wheelchair for transport to and from the plane, make sure your travel agent notes it. You can take your crutch or cane with you on the plane, but they must be stowed carefully for takeoff and landing.

Amtrak trains have at least one accessible car, and details on their handicapped services and facilities are provided in their free booklet, Access Amtrak. Greyhound is the only remaining nationwide carrier in the US, and they offer assistance to handicapped travelers, but they do not have buses with lifts. Make sure you take an adequate supply of prescription drugs and pack them in your hand baggage. When traveling abroad, take copies of your doctor’s prescriptions with you.

If you are traveling to a hot resort area, take light, loose, long-sleeved clothing to avoid discomfort and a light hat with a wide brim.


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