Is Zumba class good for People with AS ?

Sorry this  time I don’t have a picture of me making Zumba , but I attend  Zumba classes  twice a week.

Sometimes just getting out of bed and making it through the daywith Ankylosing Spondilytis  (AS)  is very hard to manage.

My  rheumatologist wants me to be active that’s why instead of normal Physio I’ve tried Zumba

“Everyone suggested swimming, but this sounded more fun,”

“My AS is better for me in some ways. It gives me something to look forward to, which gives me energy,”.

“I feel great because I focus on something that is positive instead of that my ankles or knees are hurting.”

Zumba is just one of the many specialized fitness dance programs gaining new followers,

thanks in part to the exposure of exotic dance styles on television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.

” The classes, including , hip hop, belly dancing and even pole dancing, can help increase coordination, balance and cardiovascular levels,

as long as they’re done with some modifications for people with different arthritis.

“Dance is a mind/body activity because you have to be engaged in what you’re doing. You can’t zone out or you will step on your toes or someone else’s toes,”

“There are a lot of benefits to staying active in an engaging mind/body way, especially for people with arthritis.”

In several studies, for example, researchers at Laval University in Quebec followed people with Rheumatic diseases  who participated in dance-based exercise.

They found improvement in mobility and joint pain, as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and tension.

Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Start slowly. Don’t jump into any exercise full-throttle or you’ll pay for it the next morning and beyond.
  • Slow down the pace. Do the dance moves in half time.
  • Avoid repetitive movements. This will help prevent injury and straining joints.
  • Approach the instructor. When you sign up, tell her about any issues or limitations so she can provide modifications.
  • Check with your doctor. Before you start any exercise, get your doctor’s opinion. She may be able to recommend one type of exercise over another.

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