5 Tips to travel this summer for people with rheumatic diseases

woman meditating on tropical beach in the caribbean

Vacation for  everyone is relax, for us with our diseases must be only  relax…. is that true?

The truth is  that a vacation has to be spent  at the best, no matter if  we go  to the beach, to the mountain, to visit nice  cities  around the world.

What  do we have to remember:

  • Don’t forget  your medication and  have a certificate that state you have to take them. There are some airlines specially low cost that can give you problems in case you carry biologics treatments. Remember  your medications and all your papers must  travel  with your carry on.
  • If you  book a long trip make  sure you can reach your final destination maybe in more than one step ( i.e. I had to go  from south Italy to Guam I decided to have  a stop over in South Korea so I rested and I visited Seul and follow  my trip) Instead  to travel more than 26 hours  I traveled half.
  • If you travel by plane or by train choose an aisle it will be  easier  for you to stand up and move. You know  you cannot be in the same position for long.
  • Ask  for  assistance at the airport at the train station, where ever you are and you go  is your right they will make your  trip easier and help who is traveling with you do not  get stressed during  the vacation.
  • Make plan before  to enjoy every single day of your free time. ( make sure all the opening and closing time, what to see, where to eat).

Ok then so now  you only need  your ticket and you are ready  to go… Enjoy your summer!

Partner or not…. “Diseases the problem”


Hello  everyone,

my post  today is regarding us with rheumatic diseases but even regarding all the people with  rheumatic diseases, they can be women or men doesn’t matter.

I read  in a lot of  forum that couple  broke up after one of the partner get sick and need help or just need  to be understood. This is  so bad and of course upset us so much….

But at the same time  we can realize that the person we have  chosen is not the right one, rather you got married  in a church or not  the sentence “for better or for worse in health and disease”  is completely forgot from who in the couple is not sick unless the love is  REAL and  DEEP.

So what to  do ?

be focus on us  try to be better as we can and let him or her go we do not  deserve more pain!

Another advise ? I’ve got married this year at 42  years old, and my love  took  me and my pain in one  shot, he knows it can  worst but he knows i’m a warrior.

Be a  warrior be focus on you and  if your partner is not  good to be next to you, just CHANGE IT !

Waiting for your comments…

Wish you a flare free week.


Birth Control for people with rheumatic diseases



Someone  in private messages asked my opinion on birth control and  rheumatic  diseases.

As a patient as a woman this  question make me think a lot.

If I have to follow what is published online  i get lost, the only thing i can say and this is just my opinion is trust the Rheumatologist  and  the the Gyno, that sometimes can work together  and advise the patient for the best.

Probably these 2 Docs can advise  on the best birth control for us without give us others comorbidities.

If you want to comment or give me your personal opinion please  do it!

I will be happy to publish your comments.

I wish you a flare free week.


Ways to Ease Ankylosing Spondylitis Pain Chapter 2

If you liked my last post … let’s follow :

Keep Moving


Your number one defense against spondylitis pain and stiffness is to get moving. Rest and couch-potato inactivity allow your joints to start fusing together, which is what you need to avoid with ankylosing spondylitis. Ruth Kadanoff, MD, professor of rheumatology at the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago, says, “The type of movement is not as important as the frequency. You need to be doing some type of exercise twice a day. The best exercise is a low-impact type of exercise like walking.” Make simple exercise a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth, and you’ll be well on your way to relieving lower back pain.

Get Physical


The next step after correcting your posture is to follow a more comprehensive physical therapy program for ankylosing spondylitis relief. “We now know that spondylitis also includes an increased risk for osteoporosis and heart disease. That means you can really benefit from a complete program that includes aerobic exercise, range of motion exercise, and strength training,” says Papchristos. Besides targeting lower back pain, bone health, and heart health, a physical therapy program may include deep breathing exercises to prevent your rib cage from stiffening.


Take to Water


Exercises that are good for lower back pain and spondylitis on land are usually even better in a pool. Swimming is a great low-impact aerobic exercise for ankylosing spondylitis. “Studies consistently show that water exercises are the best types of exercise for spondylitis pain and stiffness,” says Papachristos. A survey published in the Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology illustrates this: Researchers found that the most common exercise for people with spondylitis is walking, but the most effective for relieving pain and the most enjoyable is exercising in a pool. Many gyms offer water exercise classes, or you can ask a doctor or physical therapist for suggestions of exercises to do in a pool.


Learn a Mind-Body Exercise


If you’re mostly familiar with cardiovascular and strength training, exercises like tai chi and qi gong may seem foreign at first, but these wellness disciplines could help you find a better balance between mind and body. Mind-body exercises can help you learn to listen to your body, reduce the stress of spondylitis pain, and avoid injury. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, these exercises have been shown to improve bone health, balance, prevent falls, and make your heart and lungs stronger — all good things for anyone with ankylosing spondylitis pain and stiffness.

Thanks to : Chris Iliades, MD

Therapeutic Yoga : Yoga Poses for Rheumatoid Arthritis


Hello everyone,

here I’m back with my tips… Have you ever try to do yoga ? I love it, here some new tips  to share with you.

Try it and give me feed back…

I promise one day I will record my own video just to exercise together.

Ciao a tutti,

Eccomi qui con dei  nuovi  consigli…. Avete mai provato a fare Yoga?  A me piace tanto, per questo voglio condividere con voi questi consigli e attendo i vostri feedback.

Vi prometto  prima o poi giro anch’io un video così da praticare insieme Yoga.

Fit For Travel

By searching with the follow words  travel with rheumatic  diseases so many articles came up on google, one is  FIT FOR TRAVEL

I was so  happy I thought the finally someone  had a chance to  write a guide tips  for  people with RMD’s

But not on this  page  under the  voice RMD’s  only come up this :

Ask your doctor whether the climate to be expected in your destination might cause a new onset of your illness. One of the medications used for rheumatism (primarily chronic polyarthritis) is Chloroquine. An adjustment in the dosage of this familiar medication might be necessary to provide efficacious protection from malaria. When traveling to malaria zones, where the resistance situation of the parasites and the infection pressure indicate a malaria prophylaxis with Mefloquine, the Mefloquine must not be combined with your Chloroquine medication. The combination of Chloroquine and Proguanil is highly effective and easily tolerated.

Which is not  bad is not was I looking for….. day by day I think  I have to  create my own guide…..

This is me in Stockholm great trip 🙂

Effettuando una ricerca con le seguenti key words travel with rheumatic  diseases tanti articoli sono apparsi su google, tra questi  FIT FOR TRAVEL

Ero così felice che ho pensato  finalmente qualcuno ha avuto la possibilità di scrivere una serie di suggerimenti di guida per le persone con RMD

Ma non era proprio così in questa pagina sotto la voce RMD  solo questo :

Chiedete al vostro medico se il clima da aspettarsi nella vostra destinazione potrebbe causare una nuova insorgenza della malattia . Uno dei farmaci utilizzati per i reumatismi ( poliartrite cronica principalmente ) è Clorochina . Un dosaggio adeguato del farmaco familiare potrebbe essere necessario fornire una protezione efficace contro la malaria . Quando si viaggia verso zone di malaria, in cui la situazione di resistenza dei parassiti e la pressione di infezione indicano una profilassi antimalarica con Meflochina , la Meflochina non deve essere combinato con il farmaco clorochina . La combinazione di clorochina e proguanil è altamente efficace e ben tollerato .
non male  ma non era quello che  cercavo… giorno dopo  giorno penso di dover  creare la mia guida …..

Questa sono io a Stoccolma grande viaggio 🙂


Is Zumba class good for People with AS ?

Sorry this  time I don’t have a picture of me making Zumba , but I attend  Zumba classes  twice a week.

Sometimes just getting out of bed and making it through the daywith Ankylosing Spondilytis  (AS)  is very hard to manage.

My  rheumatologist wants me to be active that’s why instead of normal Physio I’ve tried Zumba

“Everyone suggested swimming, but this sounded more fun,”

“My AS is better for me in some ways. It gives me something to look forward to, which gives me energy,”.

“I feel great because I focus on something that is positive instead of that my ankles or knees are hurting.”

Zumba is just one of the many specialized fitness dance programs gaining new followers,

thanks in part to the exposure of exotic dance styles on television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance.

” The classes, including , hip hop, belly dancing and even pole dancing, can help increase coordination, balance and cardiovascular levels,

as long as they’re done with some modifications for people with different arthritis.

“Dance is a mind/body activity because you have to be engaged in what you’re doing. You can’t zone out or you will step on your toes or someone else’s toes,”

“There are a lot of benefits to staying active in an engaging mind/body way, especially for people with arthritis.”

In several studies, for example, researchers at Laval University in Quebec followed people with Rheumatic diseases  who participated in dance-based exercise.

They found improvement in mobility and joint pain, as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and tension.

Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Start slowly. Don’t jump into any exercise full-throttle or you’ll pay for it the next morning and beyond.
  • Slow down the pace. Do the dance moves in half time.
  • Avoid repetitive movements. This will help prevent injury and straining joints.
  • Approach the instructor. When you sign up, tell her about any issues or limitations so she can provide modifications.
  • Check with your doctor. Before you start any exercise, get your doctor’s opinion. She may be able to recommend one type of exercise over another.