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5 Things People With Rheumatic Diseases Want You to Know





  1. Just because I look fine and I smile doesn’t mean I’m: I know I look  wonderful the expression of health… I call it cortisone or biologic!
  2. Mine is not just a pain and  rheumatic diseases are not only related to old people : I know when I say my back hurts or my legs or any part of my body hurts you say c’mon you are not old
  3. A nap some days can help me do not make fun of it: there are some  days that i really need a nap I need to rest my entire body, and you thing I’m spoiled!
  4. Be on a diet or taking more pill will not cure me: only few can understand that i be on a special diet such gluten free, vegan or taking all the pills for arthritis pain will cure!
  5. My pains affect not only me but everyone in my family: my pains affect all the people that live with me, because  they have  to deal with me in good or bad! That’s why mom and dad can understand you but make sure you choose the right husband like I  did 🙂


Yoga for your back – Nice tips to share with all of you

Dear  Friend I just discovered this and I want to share with you.

People like us that have problems with our back should practice slowly movments like that to help our back.

Enjoy the lesson….

Cari amici è un piacere condividere un video appena scoperto.

Le persone che come noi hanno problemi alla schiena dovrebbero  praticare una ginnastica dolce che aiuti con la schiena.

Buona Lezione……

PRANAYAMA ASANA helps with Cervical Spondylosis

Another video that reminds me my Yoga’s lesson

This ASANA helped me a lot, is easy to do it even alone at home.  Try and send me feedback.

I know is translate in Italian but  if you search by title you can find it completely in english.

Enjoy !

Un altro  video sempre con traduzione italiana, provate  questo  ASANA 5 min vi aiuteranno a sentirvi meglio.

Buon divertimento!